Innovating Healthcare Recruitment

Where agility drives productivity.

Where tradition meets technology.

Where innovation delivers value.

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Innovating Healthcare Recruitment

Nursco have a vision to simplify healthcare recruitment; a solution that will change the way healthcare providers build their teams and ensure healthcare professionals find their next position, using intuitive technology and our highly motivated human workforce.

We understand that when the right people, technology and ideas come together, whole industries can be changed. The right ingredients. The right delivery. The right time. That’s all it takes.

By using our industry knowledge and expertise, ‘mobile-first’ technology and forward-thinking strategies, we make healthcare recruitment both simple and effective for our clients and candidates.

Its time to leave the ‘Old World’ of recruitment behind and move into the future: a more dynamic, cost effective and transparent experience for everyone.

Healthcare Professionals

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Where Innovation Delivers Value

Nursco take a unique approach to modern working practices, delivering a recruitment service that embraces innovation and uses technology to pave the way.

Our talented team of recruitment enthusiasts have torn up the rule book and are now changing archaic processes that have previously held this industry behind. We have streamlined our process and applied a technology-driven formula that will in turn, improve the experience for healthcare providers, whilst reducing the cost of delivering employment and saving time.

The Nursco App is a complete end-to-end technology platform that runs alongside our traditional recruitment offering. It enables candidates 24/7 access to jobs in their area, as soon as they become available. The Nursco App also provides healthcare professionals with access to our support team, registration documents and our social media and messaging facilities, all from their mobile device.

Our proprietary technology enables us to deliver a truly unique employment experience for our workforce. This enables us to attract the best talent, and offer them unrivalled support in their work. This same technology allows us to streamline our operations, and deliver great value to our partners.

Healthcare Partners

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Healthcare Recruitment Made Simple