Innovating Healthcare Recruitment


Nursco are different to all other recruitment agencies. Our technology-driven recruitment team use 100 years of combined experience, to make our unique vision a reality.


Nursco was founded to solve a problem. Healthcare providers need access to highly qualified, well supported staff and they need to do so in a cost effective way.

This is something they all struggle to achieve. Without a solution, the healthcare staffing crisis will continue to deepen.

In response to this, we gathered a team of clinical, healthcare recruitment and technology enthusiasts – with over 100 years of combined experience – to introduce Nursco to the market. 

Through innovative, proprietary technology and modern working practices we have created a community of recruiters, candidates and healthcare providers that share a vision for a more productive, cost effective recruitment experience.


Our ethos – based on passion, creativity and innovation – forms the very foundation of our DNA.

A Meeting of Minds

At Nursco, we can see how technology will shape the future of healthcare recruitment, however the right people and values are critical to its success.

The Nursco team are a diverse group of equally passionate professionals, all with their own talents and ideas.