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NHS price caps

NHS Price CAPS – Solving The Problem

2nd November 2018

NHS price caps are a controversial topic. Many professionals agree that the current cap system isn’t working. In 2015, shortly after the caps were introduced, it was reported that the caps were breached over 50,000 times a week…

hospital innovations

Hospital Innovations – What Can We Expect To See On The Wards Of The Future?

26th October 2018

With the fast pace of modern technology, the way we live and work is changing rapidly. In the last year alone, we’ve seen game-changing breakthroughs in a variety of industries, all of which will become indispensable in the future: AI-powered robot microscopes to measure water quality in lakes and oceans, blockchain systems to prevent fraud and […]..

healthcare recruitment

Healthcare Recruitment – Simplifying The Process

26th October 2018

Today’s job market has never been more competitive. For those job-hunting, there’s more than just salary to take into consideration: job-seekers are looking for good company culture, greater flexibility and workplace benefits. For employers, the average company spends around £5,500 on each new hire – a cost that can increase to £11,000 if they choose to embark […]..

auxiliary nurse

What Is An Auxiliary Nurse?

19th October 2018

If you’re a compassionate individual interested in a job that helps others, then you might want to consider a role as an auxiliary nurse. Also known as a healthcare assistant, an auxiliary nurse works closely with healthcare professionals, helping to provide patients with a high standard of care. The role can be rewarding, and candidates must […]..

paediatric nurse

What Does A Paediatric Nurse Do?

12th October 2018

The role of a Paediatric Nurse is both versatile and rewarding. For Medical Professionals who love working with babies, children and teens, paediatric nursing is an excellent career choice. However, before you commit yourself to pursuing a role in a paediatric ward or clinic, you need to know what the job entails as well as […]..

Nursing Recruitment

Nursing Recruitment – 6 Benefits Of Technology

5th October 2018

Nursing recruitment is just the latest field to be revolutionised by new and innovative technology, and it could be the answer to the current staffing crisis. In the field of nursing recruitment, the idea that AI robots could take over human jobs is pure myth. There are currently 24,000 nursing vacancies to be filled worldwide, and the […]..

innovative healthcare

Innovative Healthcare Is On The Horizon For Healthcare Professionals

28th September 2018

Innovative healthcare is on the horizon for healthcare professionals, meaning streamlined processes, the development of clinic-based technology and the latest technical equipment. Many organisations now show advances in technology and healthcare that have led to improvements in patient safety and efficiency of the care process. Other innovations have informed clinical research and helped support economic growth […]..

nursing responsibilities

Nursing Responsibilities – Can Tech Help?

21st September 2018

Nursing responsibilities are both rewarding and challenging. On the one hand, Nurses get to work with children and adults to make a real difference in their lives. On the other, Nurses often work in pressure-filled environments, and the role can be both physically and emotionally draining…

becoming a nurse

Becoming A Nurse – What’s The Best Route To Get You There?

13th September 2018

  If you’re thinking of becoming a nurse, you might be wondering about the different routes into the profession. Whether you’re just starting out in the medical field or you’re looking for a career change, nursing is a fulfilling and rewarding career that offers plenty of progression opportunities. As an experienced nurse, you may pursue […]..

oncology nurse

What Does An Oncology Nurse Do?

11th September 2018

An oncology nurse is a registered nurse who cares for and supports patients who have cancer. As an oncology nurse, you will work with a multi-disciplinary team in a variety of settings – including clinics, hospital wards, transplant units, and community healthcare centres. You may also work with patients of varying ages, from children to […]..