Innovating Healthcare Recruitment

Healthcare Partners

Where Innovation Delivers Value

An effective healthcare recruitment service needs to offer two things: quality and value. We founded Nursco because we could see that it was difficult for healthcare providers to find both elements in a recruitment company.

In order for us to offer something truly unique, we had to take an entirely different approach to healthcare recruitment. The result is a service unlike anything that has gone before.

Modern Working Practices

The management and recruitment team at Nursco have a strong background in recruitment, technology and healthcare.

This has allowed us to implement systems and processes that have led to an extremely lean and effective organisational structure. Coupled with this is an entirely new approach to the human and digital workforce that allows us to offer a highly valuable and effective service to our partners and workforce. These elements allow us to offer significant cost savings for our partners, and allow them to consistently meet their financial goals.

Mobile-First Technology

One of the primary reasons we have been able to offer our partners such attractive cost savings, while also providing our workers with greater support and service, is through our innovative use of technology.

Our mobile first approach to healthcare recruitment has allowed us to break down many of the barriers that have previously stopped healthcare providers being matched with the right professionals. We have utilised the latest in mobile and artificial intelligence technologies to revolutionise everything from how our workers find their next position to how our compliance and registration process works. The result is a service unlike anything else in the marketplace.

If you are interested in seeing what the future of healthcare recruitment looks like, please get in touch.