Innovating Healthcare Recruitment

Meet The Team

The Nursco team are a diverse group of equally passionate professionals, all with their own talents and ideas.


Ed Simpson – Chairman / Founder

Driving Nursco and its board of directors is Ed Simpson who is not only an established entrepreneur with in excess of two decades proven track record, but a respectable member of the healthcare recruitment community who says, “Nursco comes from the heart and soul of a team of committed healthcare recruitment professionals and ambassadors of change who put people before profit and endeavour to deliver value to everyone they touch”. He has executed international recruitment campaigns to help the NHS substantively employ more Nurses to deliver the highest standards of excellence to all patients in need, right up to founding his first healthcare recruitment business during 1995, which is the first of seven healthcare recruitment businesses within his group of companies, still serving the healthcare community to this day!

Paula Farrell – Senior Nurse Advisor

Paula Farrell has been involved in healthcare since leaving school, “healthcare is in my blood, I’ve truly loved every minute of it and still do to this day thanks to Nursco and the opportunity I have to help drive change within an archaic agency industry”. After completing her Nurse training, she went on to train in Midwifery, she then trained to be a Health Visitor practicing in Cornwall, Scotland, Wiltshire and Germany over a period of 11 years. During the mid-1980’s German based British Forces accommodated thousands of families and allied health personnel, which meant that the MOD via SSAFA provided a full community health service to them whilst they were overseas. Although she went out to Germany on a two year contract, she ended up staying for 6 years achieving two promotions, Co-Ordinator to a Manager, of a broad geographical area.

Eventually she decided to return to Midwifery and develop the next phase of her career. She worked at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital and was involved in the implementation of clinical trials and gathering extensive clinical experience in the department and the Operating Theatre. She worked alongside pioneers and the unit was a place of interest for NHS Hospitals who wanted to learn from how they managed water births in particular.

Java Script – Chief Digital Officer

Leading the digital workforce at the speed of sound is Java who has been involved in digital parallel universes since the age of 8 years old and says, “helping Nursco to realise its vision over the coming decade is going to be a real blast for me because the company’s mission and vision are paired with mine, with the right support and patience Nursco can lead the way to creating and building a ‘new world’ for the temporary staffing market”.

Java helps Nursco drive growth by converting traditional “analogue” business methods to digital ones, and over sees operations in the rapidly changing digital sectors like mobile applications, social media and related applications, virtual goods, as well as web-based information management and marketing. Since his first days of his working life he became not only a digital expert, but also a seasoned general manager. He is responsible for digital experiences across the entire enterprise and its operations, which totally drives him to work the weird and wonderful digital hours while the world sleeps.