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Nursing Agencies – Choosing the Right One for You

18th April 2018 | Posted in Blog | Tags: , ,

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Are you about to graduate from your nursing training, or currently looking for a change of career within the healthcare profession? If so, you will know just how competitive it can be to get your dream nursing job. From finding a job that suits you to writing applications and attending interviews, applying for a new role as a nurse can seem overwhelming. How can you get the edge on your fellow job-hunters and ensure you are sending the best applications for the best opportunities?

The answer is simple: nursing agencies. In this article we will explain the many benefits of using a nursing recruitment agency, and how to choose the right one for you.

Why find jobs through a nursing agency?

The NHS is experiencing a significant shortfall in Nursing and Midwifery positions. Whilst it is difficult to determine exactly why this shortfall is occurring, one obvious cause would be the lack of focus generic job posting websites offer when trying to matching applicants with suitable roles. When you apply for a job through a listings site, you receive no advice on how to formulate your application or which posts to look for. This does not give you the best chances of success.

What alternative do nursing agencies offer?

There are countless benefits to finding your new nursing job through an agency. First and foremost, agency professionals will have extensive experience to share with you, offering focused guidance and support during the recruitment process – from submitting your initial details to negotiating the terms of your contract.

A recruitment agency will also be proactive in searching for roles that perfectly suit your qualifications, desired job role and any other specifics you need to consider. Jobs are often advertised on nursing agency websites before they appear on traditional job sites, meaning that your application will get in ahead of the competition. As nursing agencies usually collaborate with particular healthcare partners, you will also have less competition, increasing your chances of getting an interview.

The benefits of working with a nursing agency

Once you’ve secured a position, the perks of working through a nursing agency continue. As REC chief executive Kevin Green told Personnel Today:

“When we speak to agency nurses they say they’ve made a positive choice to work this way because they want the freedom and flexibility to work where and when they choose.”

Agency nurses have more freedom in that they can choose the hours they wish to work. This makes this route popular with parents, young nurses hoping to travel, and retired nurses hoping to supplement their income. It also enables you to develop your clinical skills and become more adept at thinking dynamically – all qualities that increase your employability.

Another key benefit is the rates of pay:

“As an agency worker you could receive higher rates of pay than if you were working as a permanent employee. This is partly to compensate for the fact that assignments can often be last minute or cancelled at short notice.” The Royal College of Nursing

Choosing the right nursing agency for you

So what features and services should you look for when selecting the right nursing agency for you? Here are a few questions to ask yourself during your search.

Are they equipped for the modern world?

In the modern day, the employment landscape and the digital world are inextricable. In order to have the best chances of getting your desired role, you must be one step ahead of the latest posting, which can appear and disappear online at a rapid rate. With every one of us constantly connected to the web via smartphones, it is essential to use the technology at our disposal to find the best jobs out there.

Because of this, it is vital to work with an innovative recruitment company that uses technology to make the job application process simple, hassle-free and effective.

Here at Nursco, we use an app to bring job postings to members on the go. The Nursco App gives 24/7 access to jobs and also offers endless resources, including access to a team of Senior Nurse Advisors, registration documents, an availability drop, social media and messaging. Having all of this at your fingertips helps provide nurses with all the tools and knowledge they need to find the perfect job, any time, anywhere.

You should also look for a nursing agency that’s going to offer you comprehensive support. Look for agencies that offer advice and resources, such as a blog that provides expert guidance and essential nursing news which may have an impact on your career. When interviewing for a new position, these resources will help you demonstrate an understanding of current issues within the nursing profession and the health service as a whole.

What additional services do they offer?

Every nursing agency is different and will offer varying levels of support to health professionals. At a minimum, a nursing recruitment agency should provide or assist with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registration check and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificates. Any good agency will also assist you with choosing solid references and filling in documentation regarding your health, eligibility to work in the UK and proficiency in English.

However, it is worth shopping around to find a nursing agency that goes the extra mile to set you up for success in the next step of your career.

Why choose Nursco?

You may feel that you have the job application process down to a fine art, but working with industry specialists can offer you objective and informed feedback on your CV and cover letter, helping you to curate applications that will get you noticed.

Nursco offer specialist training through our Nursco Training Centre, which provides Continuous Professional Development (CPD) through tailored training sessions and professional courses. Our courses are led by experienced Senior Nurses, and include elements such as immediate life support, manual handling, reflective writing and portfolio development. These services will equip you with additional experience and knowledge to make you a prime candidate for your desired role.

If you are looking for help in finding your perfect new nursing job, we are here to help. Simply contact us on 020 3954 1917 to begin the next step of your career today!