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Nursing Recruitment – 6 Benefits Of Technology

5th October 2018 | Posted in Blog, Innovation, Nursing, Recruitment, Technology | Tags: , , , ,

Nursing Recruitment

Nursing recruitment is just the latest field to be revolutionised by new and innovative technology, and it could be the answer to the current staffing crisis.

In the field of nursing recruitment, the idea that AI robots could take over human jobs is pure myth. There are currently 24,000 nursing vacancies to be filled worldwide, and the role of Carers is not one that could easily be replaced by machines, no matter how advanced they get.

We’ve all heard the hype about robots stealing our jobs, but what if they could actually help us find them? Recruitment technology could be the answer.

Technology in recruitment

Technology is used throughout the recruitment industry and is applied to all job types and fields. Computers can now use algorithms to identify suitable jobs for candidates, scan CVs, carry out background checks and even interview job applicants. But far from becoming a threat to job seekers, technology can help hone the recruitment process for both applicants and hiring managers, sending the right job vacancies to the right candidates at the right time.

Using modern tech like big data, mobile technology and cloud computing, we have the opportunity to hone the recruitment process rather than replace it. So what opportunities does technology present in transforming the nursing recruitment industry? Here are six potential benefits to consider.

1. Cost reductions for employers

The hiring process is, as we all know, incredibly expensive for employers. Digital recruitment can reduce costs and gain efficiencies, not least because hiring managers don’t have to waste time behind their desks creating job adverts or sifting through CVs. In the medical field, where managers often have to be on the ward, this is particularly important. In this instance, automation can take care of most of the recruitment process (up to interview stages) without human input.

2. Efficiency for Hiring Managers and candidates

The adoption of big data by the recruitment industry has made the entire process of seeking, vetting and hiring a candidate much more efficient. Hiring Managers can now attract and recruit the best candidates using simple algorithms to check location, qualifications and previous employment records. Applicants can also use the same technology to vet potential employers and check “ratings” from existing employees to see if they want to work for specific employers. Big data can offer help with everything from predicting hiring needs in real-time to improving the quality and retention of new job candidates.

3. Convenience

It sounds obvious, but job seekers don’t want to spend hours searching and applying for the right job. Many will look for employment in their lunch break or commute to work, so hiring sites must be mobile responsive and quick to use. Recent ONS research found that 70% of job seekers use their smartphone to hunt for a job, but that only 47% of employers’ company websites and application processes are mobile optimised.

Mobile technology allows a candidate to not only apply for a job via a smartphone, but also to take an interactive assessment, self-schedule an interview or attend a video interview on videoconferencing software. This all happens in a fraction of the time of the traditional recruitment process.

4. Data for candidates and employers

Cloud technology has revolutionised the way businesses use and store data. Employers can now store and access candidate information much more efficiently, while algorithms make it easier for applicants to find relevant jobs. For employers, the traditional process of sourcing, interviewing and hiring new talent can be long and arduous, but cloud computing allows employers and candidates to communicate anywhere, at any time. The process is also a lot more streamlined, making it easier and less time-consuming for applicants to source the job they want and apply on the spot.

5. Candidate accuracy

Technology can aid candidate elimination using a process called gamification. This is the concept of applying game mechanics and design in non-traditional game contexts and allows candidates to “play at” working in a new role. Using this technology, applicants can gain insight into the hospital or clinic to see if they are a good fit and whether the position is right for them.

Gamification allows recruiters to assess specific time-keeping tasks, as well as decision-making skills that are critical to patient care. Many organisations are now adopting the values and goals of gamification to improve their recruitment methods. Though healthcare is yet to implement gamification into the nursing recruitment process, it’s only a matter of time before this technology is used as standard.

6. Equality for candidates

Put simply, human beings will naturally discriminate, while computers will not. AI can be used to assist tasks like candidate screening and facial recognition in the application and interviewing process. However, implementation of this kind of technology in the medical field (as well as the recruitment field in general) is still a long way off. Not every clinic or hospital has the budget for high-level analytics, but that doesn’t mean our current technology cannot be used to improve the recruitment process for hospitals and their staff.

How technology could transform nursing recruitment

New and emerging technology could ease the current nursing recruitment crisis by sending relevant job vacancies to the right candidates. Big data could also help employers find applicants with the best experience and qualifications for the job, helping them improve the quality of care for their patients and boost employee retention rates. Technology will ensure candidate accuracy, speed up the recruitment process and help fill roles at a lower cost, and in less time. This is good news for the NHS, whose current budgeting crisis is no secret.

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