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innovative healthcare

Innovative Healthcare Is On The Horizon For Healthcare Professionals

28th September 2018

Innovative healthcare is on the horizon for healthcare professionals, meaning streamlined processes, the development of clinic-based technology and the latest technical equipment. Many organisations now show advances in technology and healthcare that have led to improvements in patient safety and efficiency of the care process. Other innovations have informed clinical research and helped support economic growth […]..

nursing competencies

Nursing Competencies – What You Need To Know

21st August 2018

Working as a nurse is one of the most rewarding and impactful jobs a person can pursue – but with it also comes real responsibility and accountability. As key caregivers for some of the most vulnerable members of society in moments of their life that may involve pain, fear or distress, nurses must uphold the […]..

staff nurse jobs

Staff Nurse Jobs – What Does It Take To Succeed?

15th August 2018

  For many aspiring nurses, staff nurse jobs are often the first step on the career ladder. A staff nurse is essentially the initial grade of a qualified and registered nurse and has employment opportunities in a range of hospital ward settings. Before progressing to a higher-ranked role like senior staff nurse, or specialising in […]..

Nursing Management

What Does it Take to Get into Nursing Management?

20th July 2018

  Nurses are renowned for being incredibly talented when it comes to time management, people skills and dealing with pressure. However, for some, these assets are honed to such an extent during their career as a registered nurse that they might consider progressing to a role in nursing management. Essentials of Nursing Management The first […]..

professionalism in nursing

Professionalism In Nursing – 5 Tips For Nurses

13th July 2018

  When you think of the essential qualities necessary to be a good nurse, what comes to mind? Many of us list traits such as good organisational skills, boundless compassion and the ability to perform under pressure, but one of the most important – and yet most difficult to define are the characteristics that makeup […]..

History Of Nursing

History Of Nursing – How Has It Evolved?

6th July 2018

  Nursing is one of the very few professions that has remained consistently at the heart of society since its inception. Whilst the ages of industrialisation and computerisation have transformed – and indeed, removed – various vocations, the history of nursing has seen nurses become only more vital in the fabric of a fully-functioning human […]..

practice nurse jobs

Practice Nurse Jobs – What Skills Do You Need?

29th June 2018

  The role of a nurse is ever-changing in its scope and capacity. From fast-paced hospital wards to high-pressure theatres, there are countless environments in which the qualified nurse can work and thrive. One of the most longstanding forms of nursing is that of the practice nurse…

surgical nurse

What Does A Surgical Nurse Do?

22nd June 2018

  One of the most highly sought-after professions within the nursing sphere is the role of the surgical nurse. For the motivated and ambitious healthcare professional, working in the operating theatre can be a stimulating and highly rewarding job. However, before you commit yourself to taking this path, it is essential to know what the […]..

Nursing Assessment

What You Need To Know Ahead Of Your Nursing Assessment

25th May 2018

  When you’re applying for a new nursing job, you might expect to provide your CV, interview and simply secure the position. However, with so many registered nurses applying for roles in healthcare settings across the country, institutions are introducing ever more stringent measures to find the best candidate for every role. This means that, during […]..

nurse practitioner jobs

Finding the Right Nurse Practitioner Job for You

18th May 2018

  Nurse practitioners are one of the most important members of any healthcare team, be it in a small GP surgery or in a busy city hospital. Providing individualised care for patients of all ages and needs, nurse practitioners provide guidance in illness prevention, wellness and promote patient education in all areas of care. In […]..