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paediatric nurse

What Does A Paediatric Nurse Do?

12th October 2018

The role of a Paediatric Nurse is both versatile and rewarding. For Medical Professionals who love working with babies, children and teens, paediatric nursing is an excellent career choice. However, before you commit yourself to pursuing a role in a paediatric ward or clinic, you need to know what the job entails as well as […]..

mental health nurse jobs

Mental Health Nurse Jobs – What To Expect

4th September 2018

If you’re looking for mental health nurse jobs, you might wonder what a career in this field is actually like. Mental illness is more prevalent than ever in the UK, and it is estimated that one in four people will experience some form of mental ill health in any given year. As such, the job of a […]..

communication in nursing

Communication In Nursing – The Importance of Tech

28th August 2018

“Poor communication is one of the most common causes for dissatisfaction with health services. Research evidence shows the strong links between team communication and clinical outcomes.” The Royal College of Nursing Any registered nurse will know just how important communication in nursing is…

nurse practitioner jobs

Finding the Right Nurse Practitioner Job for You

18th May 2018

  Nurse practitioners are one of the most important members of any healthcare team, be it in a small GP surgery or in a busy city hospital. Providing individualised care for patients of all ages and needs, nurse practitioners provide guidance in illness prevention, wellness and promote patient education in all areas of care. In […]..